Chapter 1

The Dam Situation Book 


Team Prick
Becky Beaver
What trouble did they get themselves into this time. Feel the Beat board

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Dam Rodents Gear on Amazon
Dam Rodents Gear on Amazon


Janelle Beaver
Angry fish dude
Dam Rodents Book 1

Dam Rodents Home

The Thin Red Line

Team Skunky Baby
Chapter 1 Dam Rodents -Dam Situation


Kitty Cougar
Dam Rodents Mail call
Meet The Rodents
Dumb Rodent


What started the dam rodents onto the wrong path
Chapter 2 Dam Rodents -Dam Situation


The Dam Situation Book 

Whatever you do, don't push this button!


Prolog to the Dam Rodemts -Dam Situation

Chapter 2

The Dam Situation Book 

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Old Prick

The Best Dam Rodent on any planet!
Peaty the dam gerbil

Some Dam Gerbil

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Old Prick

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