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Some Dam Gerbil

Peaty the dam gerbil
The Best Dam Rodent on any planet!


What started the dam rodents onto the wrong path
Prolog to the Dam Rodemts -Dam Situation
Chapter 2 Dam Rodents -Dam Situation

Chapter 1

The Dam Situation Book 


Team Prick
Becky Beaver

Chapter 2

The Dam Situation Book 


The Dam Situation Book 

Whatever you do, don't push this button!

Oh my Gawd! We're letting them go at those prices!. Sale!Sale!! Sale!! Get your Dam Rodents Gear Before they're gone​​
What trouble did they get themselves into this time. Feel the Beat board

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Dam Rodents Gear on Amazon
Dam Rodents Gear on Amazon


Janelle Beaver
Angry fish dude
Dam Rodents Book 1

Dam Rodents Home

The Thin Red Line

Team Skunky Baby
Chapter 1 Dam Rodents -Dam Situation


Kitty Cougar
Dam Rodents Mail call
Meet The Rodents
Dumb Rodent